AFSSI , Emission Security Countermeasure Review, 30 January Adopted Forms. AF Form – Recommendation for Change of. Implement measures to protect against compromising emanations according to AFSSI and associated EMSEC specialized publications. The Air Force policy is contained in AFSSI , Emission Security. Portions of these documents are paraphrased or referenced throughout this document.

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Version 1, Release 8. Unintended signals or noise appearing external to equipment.

All AFISRA personnel who prepare or process requirements documents, operations plans, policies, directives, self-help installation projects, and any other document that proposes processing classified information electronically will ensure TEMPEST is considered. See Enclosure More information.

In accordance with sections and through More information. Cables carrying digital data signals require a foil or braided shield that provides a minimum coverage of90 percent. In information warfare, this includes the entire infrastructure, organization, and components that collect, process, store, transmit, display, disseminate, and act on information. Wireless Network Standard and Guidelines Wireless Network Standard and Guidelines Purpose The standard and guidelines listed in this document will ensure the uniformity of wireless network access points and provide guidance for monitoring, maintaining More information.

This requirement also applies to engineering proposals that result in operating, procuring, maintaining, or installing AFISRA equipment and systems, which process national security information. Publications and forms are available on the e-publishing website at for downloading or ordering.

A With the change in the world’s threat situation and the proliferation of commercial-off-the-shelf personal computers in the office environment and in AFISRA’s large mission areas, previous guidance was no longer practical.


All national security information classified under the provisions of an executive order, for which special community systems of compartments e. Do not play classified video media on unclassified equipment.

Which encryption is not a telecommunications encryption type? A Since TEMPEST requirements are based on the location, inspectable space, type of equipment, physical control, etcetera; each unit or facility may have different installation criteria. A bar indicates a 770 from the previous version.

Login Sign Up Free. In accordance with the authority. Afsdi use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. All trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owner i Package Contents. In accordance with sections and through. A Typically, office and administrative workspaces have equipment and systems telephone, fax, computer, etc that are classified 77700 various levels.

Wireless Network Standard Last Modified: A The afsis policy applies to lines arssi run between different racks, hubs, switches, patch panels, etc. Alternative methods of marking the conduit, such as paint, are acceptable if they clearly identify the highest classification level contained.

What standard antenna is used for antenna gain comparison? Miccur Answered on Nov 06, Once a facility has been “zoned,” the zone assignments may be used in conjunction with TEMPEST test data to assure existing equipment and systems are appropriately located and future equipment and systems are designed and built to appropriate TEMPEST requirements.

Dual monitor separation requirements have also been clarified. In accordance with the authority in DoD Directive More information.


What Air Force Systems Security Instruction (AFSSI) directs – ProProfs

Fortuitous conductors, which service or transit the secure area such as water lines, sewer lines, steam pipes, and any other metallic structures, are considered a means of escape for classified information. The use of dual monitors is considered an acceptable risk for facilities that have at least 20 meters of inspectable space.

This manual, More information. Select a recommended image. Login to save your work. Mark cables and ducts in the office and administrative areas. It should not be used as a template More information. Physical Security More information.


A Fiber Optic Cable. Commercial use license images. The CNSS provides a forum for the discussion of policy. Connect the shields to the RF-tight EMI electromagnetic interference connectors on each end so that degree continuity between the cable shield and the connector is achieved.

The library can be 7700 electronically. TEMPEST officers must be appointed at all organizational levels necessary to exercise span of control related to size and geographic dispersion.

The national security community, in order to ensure the security. This directive applies to all DHS organizational elements with access to information designated Sensitive Compartmented Information. Purpose of This Order. A Common ringer is used. September 11, Effective: