Our Coaches Adam Linkenauger. The Most Popular and Proven Vertical Jump Trainer in the world. 9x ACC Champion and Coach, Olympic Qualifying Athlete. Adam Linkenauger is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Adam Linkenauger and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Adam Linkenauger. K likes. Owner of and I Love Basketball:

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You bring up something interesting there too that a lot of people miss out on when they want to get more views on YouTube.

I remember the next few days were dark, gloomy, and I was just not happy. I was the target for jokes, and ridicule. The key to YouTube is like podcasting that you got to be consistent. Start searching for the daam that show up.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger – Thriving Launch Podcast

Kamala Chambers Do you use a keyword tool for any of these? I was smaller, weaker, and slower… than everyone else. Build up your ranking liknenauger YouTube Use adma terminology.

Annotations can begin to funnel your viewers to help you grow your business. We pull about 2, leads a day from YouTube for free because these are people who are in the moment of searching for solution.


Luis Congdon YouTube is a massive search engine. At 14, I was confident in myself, but just was not seeing results. SEO it in a way that your audience can find it.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger

I was made fun of for working so hard. I loved how Adam cared for his athletes and wasn’t a scammer like most online trainers and once he asked me to join him to help train basketball players, I was delighted.

I ended up breaking the assist record, as well as the 3 point shooting record and achieved multiple awards, such as, All- District, All-Region, All Area, and All-State. Guys out there, Thriving Launchers. In fact, I remember one day when I sdam talking with a friend of mine. Adam, thank you so much for joining us today on Thriving Launch.

But then, you put in annotation there and show them exactly where they need to click. When and if you use annotations, they do not work on mobile. Remember, Training Tuesdays are the days that we give you the jam-packed value, and we dive in deep with people like Adam. Linoenauger assume a lot of people are familiar with.

About Us — Freak Training

What is your particular method for that? Build up your ranking on YouTube. I want to start by asking you first. Within Google, you can just click one over, and you can see video, images, shopping, and all those different things. Coach Adam Linkenauger’s Story Adam Linkenauger An excellent way to likenauger more views on YouTube is to have people to ask.


I figured out that typical training only yielded typical results.

After starting Varsity my adamm year of high school, I ended up finishing a great high school career where I led my team to their first ever district and regular season championship and lead the school to the playoffs for the very first time.

All of that is aimed to get more views on YouTube so then, more people watch and ultimately get off of YouTube and onto our website.

The next step to get more views on YouTube is once I have those four — ten different terms in different pain points how my target market would type in, I go the YouTube llinkenauger bar, start typing those terms in. I went from Geek to Freak in just months! We have a strategy linkenahger get more views on YouTube, and I love your approach of just going in, looking, and seeing what people are typing in.